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If you turn on the news for even 40 seconds, you’re going to hear the words, “We are living in unprecedented times.”

But what does that mean for us as individuals? As leaders? As humans? As parents? As partners?

As I’m listening to this whole opportunity called “unprecedented times”, all I keep thinking is, “Wait a minute. If these are unprecedented times that means I get to be an unprecedented me!”

I ask myself, “Who have I never been before? What have I not done before?”

Yes, there’s definitely a downside here. There’s definitely a tragedy going on. But where’s the Silver Lining?

Well, if these are unprecedented times, then I get to be an unprecedented Nancy.

Interesting, right? The huge invitation is that you get to be an unprecedented you!

So, what does that mean?

Who have you always wanted to be? Not someone else (we all want to be Oprah or Mandela) but some extraordinary version of yourself.

What values have you always wanted to embody that for reasons or excuses, or explanations or circumstances never happened? I think that applies to most of us, doesn’t it?

I started by making a list of who I would want to be known as at the end of this tragedy that will make a difference in the lives of others.

(This is not a pep talk by the way. This is so not a pep talk.)

I began to think of this tragedy this way. “If we’re living through unprecedented times, then I have unprecedented opportunities to be in contribution.”

I invite you to think about the same question.

Who do you get to be now, in 2020,

that has never been available to you before?

  • What possibilities do you get to step into that has never been available before?
  • Will you be an unprecedented leader?
  • Will your confidence evolve or devolve?
  • Will you open the door for others to lead in a way you’ve never before contemplated?
  • What about your Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Belonging Initiative? How has that been impacted in these unprecedented times?
  • What words and thoughts do you want to speak into that has never been available before?

And then test it out…

Put on the training wheels, and ask yourself, “If I do this like this, how’s that going to feel? What that’s going to do? What impact am I going to have?”

Then go out and do it.

Hey, and report back right here, okay? Because we want to know.