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Politics and courage — two words rarely found in the same sentence. Today Liz Cheney, the Chair of the House Republican Conference, the third-highest position in the House Republican leadership, took a stand for what she believes is for the country’s good. Her party unceremoniously and unsurprisingly ousted her.

Ms. Cheney was deliberate in making this choice, knowing full well that the consequence would be relinquishing all the power and prestige that came with her position. It was clear from the beginning that should she continue to speak up against Trump and her colleagues, she would be removed.

It is not up to me to decide if this was a wise move, and I am not here to argue that point.

Be willing to stand alone. Be unwilling to compromise. – Solomonism #193

I don’t know how many sleepless nights she had or how many times if any, she vacillated between her two choices. What I do know is that she didn’t make this decision lightly. None of us do.

Every time we take a stand and vote for our values, we take a risk. When the entire team is arguing for one perspective, and you firmly believe it’s not the right direction, do you consent or politely agree because, after all, no one likes conflict?

Or do you stand solid in your opinion after having absorbed all the input from others and still choose to stand alone? There aren’t that many decisions we make that are as public or consequential as Liz Cheney’s. But each of us has our version of her story.

On a personal note, what comes to mind was my decision to travel to Cambodia in 1997 to bring my infant baby home. The country was steeped in military conflict, and the land mines, the legacy of thirty years of war, were ever-present.

I was warned that it was dangerous, not advisable, foolish. My family and friends refused to accompany me because they, legitimately, feared for their lives. I went alone. So strong was my connection to this baby that I felt I had no choice. I was going to get that baby out of that orphanage no matter the price I might pay. It was the most courageous act I’ve ever done and, likely, will ever do.

What about you? You have a story. There was a time when you did something wildly unpopular and stood to tell the tale. Why did you do it? Was it worth it? What price, if any, did you pay? Looking back on that time, what do you now see?

Please share about that one time when you were willing to stand alone and were unwilling to compromise.

PLEASE SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS in the comments below.

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