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For over 29 YEARS, we’ve been EMPOWERING WOMEN in leadership roles to increase their IMPACT and go from INVISIBLE to INVINCIBLE.

As a full service partner to our clients, we design and deliver end-to-end solutions and programs comprising consulting, coaching, training and workshops. Our founder and CEO  is tapped frequently as a keynote speaker and breakout session speaker for corporate and industry conferences around the world.


Here at WomenThink™ we’re keenly aware that you’re one-of-a-kind; the solutions to your talent challenges need to be customized to fit your organization, your team and you. Everything we do is customized to your needs and desired outcomes,

​Let’s discuss your vision and articulate your goals. Let’s figure out if we’re the best company to help you exceed your own expectations for success.


Your coach is your champion.
Hiring the right coach could be your competitive advantage; the edge you’ve been looking for– for yourself, your team and your company.

High-impact coaching doesn’t turn you into someone you’re not; quite the contrary. The goal is to bring out the best in you, illuminate your blind spots, and remove the obstacles to your success.

Our high-impact coaching helps you to become more of who you were meant to be by recalibrating your mindset, expanding your skill set, increasing your engagement and becoming more productive.


If you’re ready for some clarity or a new direction, if you want to step up your own game, to play a little bigger and more purposefully, to get out of your own way, chart a new path or just get right with yourself, then we can surely help!


Are you the best, most effective leader you can possibly be? Are you using all of your potential, cultivating a great team and running a seamless org? Since you’re human, that’s not likely. We all have areas where we can improve.


Imagine everyone on your team aligning behind your purpose and mission, working in a position where they could contribute their best, using a task design that was engaging, efficient, and effective?


If you’re repeatedly being passed over for a position you’re qualified to fill, if you feel invisible in meetings, or if you’re not the go-to person when things get shaken up, then it’s critical you develop your executive presence. Executive presence and confidence can be learned. Isn’t it time you took your rightful place in the world?


If you’re like a lot of people you don’t know what you want to do, you just know this isn’t it. We can help you sift through the infinite possibilities in your future, and identify your next perfect position. We’ll strategize a career course that will make you jump out of bed excited to get to work every day.


It all starts here; that moment when you realize something is “off” and it’s time for a change. Personal Development Coaching is the foundation because who we are as human beings impacts everything we do. Said another way — we are at the core of every enterprise, just like the engine of a car determines how it drives.


No strings. No hard sell. No pressure. Just people to people. Who knows where it will lead?


Your company’s talent is its most valuable asset, isn’t it?
You want them on top of their game, being the best version of themselves, and contributing the most they have to give.

When it comes to training them on critical leadership skills, and the results you want, who do you hire?

Doesn’t it make sense to partner with a company that’s been successfully helping companies “turn their potential into performance” for 25 years, to great acclaim?


Growing Leaders on Purpose – A 2-Day Initiative


The Leadership Incubator is just what it sounds like: A transformative, educational, and inspiring environment, in which the participants are provided with everything they need to grow the leader within them. In 2 days. Wecall it an Intensive, and what that really means is it’s immersive. 48 hours have never gone so fast!

• 30-50 Participants
• High Potentials
• New Leaders
• Emerging Leaders


A 1-Day Excursion into the World of Potential, Performance and Unconscious Bias


You’ve heard about it. You’ve read about it. You may even have participated in an unconscious bias training. But are you aware that no matter what you do, your unconscious biases will never go away? The best you can hope for is increased awareness, and a strategic plan to diminish the negative effects of said biases.

• Minimum 35 attendees
• All Audiences


A 3-Day Experiential Immersion Program


Our signature program for high potentials, new leaders and emerging leaders. We have been training women on theart and science of leadership for 25 years, well before Diversity and Inclusion measures called our attention to issues that make a difference to all of us.

The Womenthink™Retreat is largely an inside-out process, which is where sustainable transformation takes place. Motivation is temporary, inspiration has longevity. The three modalities we use are: Instruction, Small group work, and Introspection.


• 35 Participants
• Women at all levels


Have specific ideas about what would work best for your vision and goals? Terrific! Let’s get together and create a customized program.

Maybe it’s a one-day workshop on Executive Presence, a Half-Day Seminar on How to Communicate with Clarity and Courage, A one year Women’s Initiative to attract and retain top female talent.

What doesn’t change?

• Nancy’s commitment to the success of your event
• Nancy’s straight talk, real life stories, and intuitive insights which are woven into trending research
• 25 years of on-the-job training in personal and professional development.

(Oh, and her Brooklyn accent).


Schedule a call today to inquire about Nancy’s availability to train your team!


You know that you have a valuable contribution to make, which will positively impact the world. What better time to lead others than during change, challenges, and uncertainty? There has never been a more perfect time to make your mark, and leave an extraordinary and memorable legacy.


Wouldn’t you like an inspiring, experienced speaker to introduce current insights to your company, conference or association?

A speaker whose practical and field-tested guidance is woven with real life stories, relative research and tips that can be taken back to work and implemented right away?

A speaker who is entertaining and memorable, and is consistently rated one of the top speakers at company conferences and association meetings?


 5 Truths and 3 Myths About Women and Leadership

At this point in time, most of us are aware of the research illuminating the issues of women and leadership. It would be difficult to find a woman who hasn’t experienced them, firsthand.

In this compelling, sometimes challenging, but always practical keynote, Nancy speaks to the issues in a way that will call you to action. No whining. Only winning.


How You Can Grow Authentic Leaders and Cohesive Teams for a More Empowered Organization?

Are you the best, most effective leader you can possibly be? Are you using all of your potential, cultivating a great team and running a seamless org? Since you’re human, that’s not likely. We all have areas where we can improve.


The Single Most Effective Strategy for “Turning Your Potential into Performance”

Imagine everyone on your team aligning behind your purpose and mission, working in a position where they could contribute their best, using a task design that was engaging, efficient, and effective?


Schedule a meeting with us to begin the conversation of how we can accelerate your current transformation initiatives, as well as identify the future of leadership for your organization.

"I seemingly had achieved success but I experienced not enough advancement, not enough visibility, not enough recognition. I brought Nancy onto my team to sort things out. Six months later, I proactively chose an organization that values me and my work. It is difficult to put a price on feeling gratified in my career and grateful for the blessings in my life. I simply cannot recommend working with Nancy highly enough."

- Paige Boesen, Microsoft

"You were the perfect speaker to start the event off on the right note. Your message was informative, emotional and entertaining – just the right combination for a terrific presentation. Thanks so much to you for your commitment to making the day outstanding.”

- Liz Wilson, Executive Vice President, Washington Bankers Association

"Nancy Solomon’s words of wisdom have inspired me to be a better leader, mom and friend. She’s given me the courage to embrace what I once feared, to know my vulnerabilities aren’t weaknesses and to be true to my essence.”

- Elisa Jaffe, Host/Executive, KOMO-4

"Everyone (at Community Transit) is still talking about the magic you created at the retreat… Attending the women. courage. leadership. retreat was a powerful and empowering experience.”

- Bonnie Ginsberg, Community Transit

"Nancy’s genius is turning potential into performance, hope into happiness, values into value. I’ve seen her transformative work turn people loose to produce powerful results, in life and at work.”

- Chuck Shelton, Leadership Development Manager, Safeco Insurance

"The impact she has made on my company, my staff and on me will last for decades. Her combination of business savvy and people perception has been the perfect combination for growing me and my team. Nancy has focused on increasing the profits of the company while at the same time building emotional currency for my leadership team.”

- Inez Gray, Founder, Habitude

"Our members just raved about Nancy Solomon’s session for IACCM’s “Ask the Expert” series. Nancy’s tremendous passion and energy for her work translated into an entertaining, intelligent and inspiring discussion which had great relevance for our members. We received a lot of feedback telling us that they want Nancy back for another session!”

- Katherine Kawamoto, VP Research and Advisory Services, IACCM

"Nancy D. Solomon is the only speaker who we’ve asked to come back a second time, and she’s delivered more than we could have asked for both times. There are few speakers who live up to their bios in a brief talk, but Nancy does, right down to her magic wand. She delivers new, thought-provoking content while engaging the audience and creating personal “ah-ha moments” around the room.”

- Lisa Markman, President, Association of Women Owned Businesses

"Nancy Solomon as my personal coach, was instrumental in preparing me for a year as President of the MBA. Coaching with Nancy was a tremendous experience and I look forward to continuing our work together.”

- Donna Shirey, Owner, Shirey Contracting

"I worked with Nancy for 6 months. On the other side of that six months, I find myself with feet firmly planted on the floor pointed in the direction I want to go. The path is now clear, and I am executing steps to create what I want in my life. During the 6 months, Nancy held the space I needed to acknowledge and let go of some limiting beliefs in my life. With new freedom I move forward into all that I can be.”

- Cindy Anderson, Microsoft

"From the moment she walked onto the stage… Nancy Solomon excited, inspired and awed our audience. She connected with our conference attendees and engaged them on every level. She delivered practical guidance and related sincerely and intuitively to attendees one-on-one in her workshop. She was everything we asked for and more.”

- Yolanda Crittenden, Vice President, Leadership Programs/Lead, North San Antonio Chamber

"You have helped me find ME! and live life, not just as an observer but as an active participant. Everyone needs to have the power and freedom to be themselves. I am now comfortable in my own skin. I cannot thank you enough for that.”

- Colleen Murphy, Community Transit

"Thank you for your excellent day long presentation. We appreciate you sharing your time, talent and expertise with us. The evaluations were what we expected from you – outstanding!”

- Rachel Ingalls, Washington Society of CPAs

"Your insights are worth 10 times what I paid you for your time. Thank you for who you are. You have given me a second chance to make my business even more successful and profitable that it was!”

- Jeanette Nyden, Attorney at Law

"Nancy Solomon is an inspirational, compelling speaker. At our Association Retreat, I witnessed her ability to capture the attention of men and women with a meaningful message about life.”

- Donna Bade Shirey, CGR, CAPS, President, Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties

"Move over Oprah, sit down Dr. Phil, gentlemen get off your ass and listen. Nancy Solomon will open you up to a whole new world of opportunity.”

- Jim Roes, General Manager, Acura

"Sometimes the greatest risk you take is not to take one."

- Solomonism #231

"Rejection is God’s way of saving you the trouble."

- Solomonism #80

"Being the boss has nothing to do with being a leader."

- Solomonism #241

"Who you are is how you lead."

- Solomonism #342

"Are you leading your life or following it around?"

- Solomonism #307

"You’ve got to stay in the game to change the rules."

- Solomonism #273

"Playing small isn’t playing at all."

- Solomonism#267

"You would not be given a hope, a dream, a vision without the talents and gifts to make them real."

-Solomonism. #237