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Fortune 30 Tech Company


A very challenging re-organization resulted in a leadership crisis characterized by conflict, poor collaboration, high attrition, and a toxic work environment.


Conducted stakeholder interviews, targeted surveys, Bi-monthly Leadership Off-sites, 1:1 coaching, team coaching, and Executive Coaching for the General Manager


$1.120 M was saved in attrition costs with an ROI of 688%

Working with you helped us transform to a productive and proactive team that is advancing the business value we deliver

Lynn K | General Manager

Developing Courageous Women Leaders


Microsoft’s female employees need to become stronger leaders, increase executive presence, become more confident, take more risks, prepare for leadership advancement.


Participation in the three-day Women. Courage. Leadership. Retreat. Many of Microsoft's women have achieved positive and sustainable results from attendance at the Retreat, (and subsequent follow up). As a result, this retreat has been rolled out to several orgs, and is under consideration to become an integral part of their women's initiative, org-wide.

Two women in my group recently attended Nancy Solomon’s women. courage. leadership. Retreat and the results I saw were impact-full and immediate. Increased confidence and self-awareness has translated into stronger performance from both. Not only are they realizing their full potential but the organization is getting so much more value from these women who have stepped up to lead in their respective jobs.

I cannot say enough about the impact this has had on these women’s lives both personally and professionally but it is visible everyday in the way they carry themselves and their interactions with me and the rest of the team. The retreat had a huge and lasting impact.

Kim Slee | Director, Microsoft Media Services

Removing Advancement Roadblocks


A senior director, with great potential for promotion, was having serious relationship issues with her co-workers, which prevented her from moving forward in her career.


Client had six months of executive coaching. (She was later promoted and, a year later, left the company.

Moving an Organization's Talent Forward to Unlock Growth


President /CEO wanted to increase team cohesiveness, elevate personnel's accountability, improve employee's ability to up-sell, and receive mentorship and guidance for herself


Facilitated monthly employee meetings (130 people), developed and facilitated mini-workshops and team-building activities, conducted weekly staff meetings, became a ‘presence’ for excellence in the stores.

The impact she has made on my company, my staff and on me will last for decades. Her combination of business savvy and people perception has been the perfect combination for growing me and my team.

She has focused on increasing the profits of the company while at the same time building emotional currency for my leadership team. The personal coaching that I have received has shed more light on my internal spirit and values than any training, education or counseling that I have explored in the last 40 years.

Inez Gray | Founder

Change That Sustains


Develop an improved team mindset, strengthen internal relationships, increase employee engagement between the individuals and their guests, increase confidence and morale-it had been a tough selling year for them.


Provided a one-day off-site training

Thank you again for the seminar you conducted for my team last fall. I was reminded this morning as one of our team members mentioned again the benefits she had realized in both her personal and professional life.

It is surprising and heartwarming to note that the long-term positive benefit is continuing to be realized. Sustainable change is difficult – and your dynamic session brought that to my team.

Jerri Lane | Director of Sales and Marketing

Recalibrating Communication and Respecting Boundaries


Although this is a world class medical facility, the doctors were having difficulty understanding and implementing healthy boundaries with their staff and patients.


Provided a two-hour in-house program developed to help them define more appropriate and supportive boundaries. In addition to the presentation, many experiential exercises were used.

Thank you for facilitating the workshop on “Boundary Setting” for the University of Washington’s Section of General Internal Medicine. It was an outstanding session and it is an area of our lives that we all need to address. Your discussion and handouts provided us with tools to apply to our clinical practice as well as our everyday life. Several of the faculty members have already implemented some of your recommended strategies. Your presentation was a grand way for us to start our upcoming academic year.

Douglas S. Paauw, MD | Professor of Medicine and Section Head

Igniting a Financial Force of Leaders


The first annual Women in Banking Conference (120 VP -C-level attendees) required a keynote presenter familiar with the issues facing women in finance to set the tone for this one day conference.


Presented 90 minute keynote, including Q & A
Facilitated a banking panel of five bank presidents and CEO’s

Nancy’s experiences, talent, and passion left our attendees buzzing for weeks after the co On behalf of the Washington Bankers Association, I would like to thank you for speaking at the first annual Women in Banking Conference. You were the perfect speaker to start the event off on the right note. Your message was informative, emotional and entertaining – just the right combination for a terrific presentation. Thanks so much to you for your commitment to making the day outstanding.

Liz Wilson | Executive Vice President

Equipping Women to Compete and Win


The women of MBA have specific gender challenges in this male dominated field. The MBA wanted to encourage and support them in their leadership aspirations


Provided a one day off-site women. courage. leadership. Conference.

Nancy’s experiences, talent, and passion left our attendees buzzing for weeks after the conclusion of our event. She draws a crowd, she keeps them engaged, and she gives them the tools to acknowledge and achieve their goals. Each time we have the good fortune to have her as a guest speaker, we hear about positive measurable changes in our attendees’ lives and careers.

James Cadungug | Events Director

Enrolling Donors Through Powerful Compassion


The new executive director wanted to increase the revenue brought in at the annual fundraising luncheon.


Presented the 10 minute "Ask"

Nancy stood in front of over 600 people at the YWCA Pierce County Annual Luncheon and gave them the opportunity to support our work. She shared her story, from the heart, without notes and gave the strongest, most compelling request for support that I have ever heard, and I have been in the nonprofit fundraising world for over 19 years. She captured everyone’s attention and touched everyone’s heart and we raised 68% more than the year before. It is still the talk of the town.

Miriam Barnett | Executive Director

Out Of Reach Results Realized through Executive Coaching


A C-level officer needed to improve his/her executive presence, communication style, and presentation skills in order for the bank to retain her.


Six months of targeted, outcome-specific coaching.

"Sometimes the greatest risk you take is not to take one."

- Solomonism #231

"Rejection is God’s way of saving you the trouble."

- Solomonism #80

"Being the boss has nothing to do with being a leader."

- Solomonism #241

"Who you are is how you lead."

- Solomonism #342

"Are you leading your life or following it around?"

- Solomonism #307

"You’ve got to stay in the game to change the rules."

- Solomonism #273

"Playing small isn’t playing at all."

- Solomonism#267

"You would not be given a hope, a dream, a vision without the talents and gifts to make them real."

-Solomonism. #237