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    "Sometimes the greatest risk you take is not to take one."

    - Solomonism #231

    "Rejection is God’s way of saving you the trouble."

    - Solomonism #80

    "Being the boss has nothing to do with being a leader."

    - Solomonism #241

    "Who you are is how you lead."

    - Solomonism #342

    "Are you leading your life or following it around?"

    - Solomonism #307

    "You’ve got to stay in the game to change the rules."

    - Solomonism #273

    "Playing small isn’t playing at all."

    - Solomonism#267

    "You would not be given a hope, a dream, a vision without the talents and gifts to make them real."

    -Solomonism. #237