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You’ve been bored in your job for five years.

You’ve complained to your manager, HR, your friends, your colleagues and your mother. You have logged a total of 816 complaints; all having to do with how disrespected, unrecognized and underpaid you’ve been all these years.

No one wants to listen to you anymore, but they don’t want to seem unsupportive so they simply disassociate when you bring it up, one more time.  Even the cat is no longer interested in your tirades, and, quite frankly, you’ve gotten darn tired of listening to yourself, as well.

BUT… are you motivated enough to change?

You’ve been passed over for that big promotion. Again. This is the third time.

You know you’re in the wrong company

. It seems you’re under-qualified for one position, over-qualified for another, and lacking the degree that last role required. Let’s face it, you tell anyone who will listen that you just don’t fit in this company anymore. Maybe you never did, but the pay was good, the market was bad, so what the heck.

You notice you drink one too many glasses of wine every evening, and you’ve become clinically dependent on the job opening ads on LinkedIn. You have a problem and you know it. So does everyone else.

BUT… are you motivated enough to change?

You used to have a fantastic career. That ended five years ago.

For many years you were the top seller of ad space for your city’s yellow pages. The internet changed all that. Your industry has now gone the way of dinosaurs but you’re refusing to let go. At least it’s a paycheck, even if it’s only 45% of what it used to be.  You don’t know what to do, so you do nothing. You’re scared; the kids are growing, the equity in your house is shrinking and you are basically paralyzed.

BUT… are you motivated enough to change?

Tell the truth.

What is it going to take for you to move on with your life? How bad does it have to get before you get serious about making a change?

Truth #1:

We do what we do until it gets too painful or we get bored;

only then do we change.

-Solomonism #4

Truth #2:

The majority of people who put down what’s not working, and pick up their desires, goals and dreams regret only that they didn’t make the change sooner.

So…. are you motivated enough to change what’s not working in your life?

Has your situation simply become too painful? Are you bored talking about it, complaining about it, or brainstorming on resolutions for it? Maybe you’re both bored and pained? Ouch!

I’m not speaking hypothetically—I’ve been there too (more than once); that place where some part of my life is just not working and, once I’ve emerged from my denial place, I realize that knowing I’m in trouble isn’t enough.

What really scares the pants off me is that I don’t know what to do about it. You know what I mean—you’d do whatever it took to succeed at ‘it’ if only you knew what ‘it’ was.

This past week I spoke with four different people who were in distress over their lives. Big time. Each one of these people is smart, fun, passionate and STUCK.  They know a few things they could do to change their situation, but they’re too close to their situation to be objective, and they’re too scared to be accountable, so they do nothing.

And you know what? Their situation doesn’t change one iota. Each one of these people was more attached to the stories they were telling than to the results they said they wanted.  You might be wondering what stories they could possibly tell that would make it okay for them to stay where they were in their lives.

Well, they told the same stories you and I tell when we’re scared. I don’t have the time or I don’t the money.

Is that you? Do you expect time and money to save you from what you know you need to do in order for you to be on purpose, passionate and prosperous?

Is it true?

If you knew what to do, would you do it? If you had a solution to your situation, would you implement it? If you had a plan, would you follow it? If you felt passion, would you embrace it?

I want you to believe enough in yourself to take a chance, to bet on yourself, and to wager you’ll win. Why? Because that’s my purpose, and because

You would not be given a hope, a dream, a vision

without the talents and gifts to make them real.

-Solomonism #237

  1. If you want to develop an action plan guaranteed to bring you success…
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Nancy D. Solomon, MA Psych is the CEO and Founder of The Leadership Incubator and WomenThink(tm) where she helps leaders identify, address and resolve people problems before they become profit problems so everyone can focus on what they were hired to do– INNOVATE AND DRIVE GROWTH.

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