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WomenThink™ partners with leaders of public, private, and non-profit global organizations to transform their female workforce into a high-performing LeaderForce™; attracting, developing, and retaining the best female talent as a result of creating an uncommon culture of equitable empowerment.

What separates WomenThink(™) from other leadership development consulting, coaching and training organizations is our proven, evidence-based Leadership Incubator™ methodology that informs everything we do. We specialize in advancing people and cultural progress, which drives greater profits and impact.

For 29 years, WomenThink’s CEO, Nancy D. Solomon, has been a force for change and the go-to women’s leadership expert in traditionally male-dominated industries such as technology, banking and finance, worldwide.

Our WomenThink team of certified coaches and trainers is the preferred partner of organizations in the market sectors we serve.

As a result of their work with us, our clients build and sustain a vibrant, robust force of female leaders, equipped to manage the helm, and the highest offices of corporations across the globe.

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A one-of-a-kind force of nature, Nancy is a transformation-inspiring, potential-expanding, life-changing modern-day visionary and thought-leader with a New York accent.

As a renowned expert in the personal and professional development space, Nancy has over the past 29 years helped thousands of people remove the barriers to their fulfillment and success. In doing so, they have empowered themselves to turn their potential into performance and maximize their positive impact.

She works across many industries including banking, technology, finance, construction, retail, real estate, telecom, auto, health care and hospitality. Her clients include Microsoft, Target, Acura, Nordstrom, Wellpoint, Westin and IACCM, as well as many passionate individuals.

Nancy understands what drives and inspires people, which gives her the unique ability to quickly help them discover who they are at their core, where they can make their best and highest contribution, and equip them with the various ways they can make a personally meaningful difference in their immediate and far-reaching world.

Known as The Impact Expert, Nancy is a veteran coach, dynamic keynote speaker, trainer, writer, and career strategist. She is the author of the acclaimed book: Impact! What Every Woman Needs to Know to Go From Invisible to Invincible, and is currently working on her next book.

Before establishing her business, Nancy spent 20+ years in the fashion industry, working as a senior executive for companies such as Saks Fifth Avenue, The Limited, Calvin Klein, and Paul Smith.

Clients hire Nancy for the smarts she brings to the table, trust her for her authentic heart, and become devoted to her because she uses both. 

Meet the Team, including Oliver Blue.

"Sometimes the greatest risk you take is not to take one."

- Solomonism #231

"Rejection is God’s way of saving you the trouble."

- Solomonism #80

"Being the boss has nothing to do with being a leader."

- Solomonism #241

"Who you are is how you lead."

- Solomonism #342

"Are you leading your life or following it around?"

- Solomonism #307

"You’ve got to stay in the game to change the rules."

- Solomonism #273

"Playing small isn’t playing at all."

- Solomonism#267

"You would not be given a hope, a dream, a vision without the talents and gifts to make them real."

-Solomonism. #237